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"Sandra Marvin is superb as Camila Batmanghelidjh" 
Paul Taylor, The Independent

"Sandra Marvin, resplendent in a vast patchwork kaftan, towering turban and pink Crocs, is expressive and imposing as Batmanghelidjh" 
Alice Jones, iNews

"The effervescent Sandra Marvin brings a mix of heartfelt intensity and trilling hyperbole to Batmanghelidjh..... She comes across as evasive and reckless, yet also charismatic and compassionate." 
Henry Hitchings, The Evening Standard

"Sandra Marvin... a glorious singing voice... catches precisely the disapproving moue, the twitch of the mouth when she is under attack, the self-satisfied belief in her own value - but also the passion of her belief" 
Sarah Crompton, What's-on-Stage

"Marvin is resplendent in the trademark voluminous theatricality of the charity’s creator, and her command of the space around her is complex and electric" 
Julian Eaves,

"Sandra Marvin: Big, Wild & Wonderful” 
Libby Purves - The Times

”She is brilliant. She has the vocals of a goddess.”

“Sandra Marvin....full of energy & flair” 
Clive Davis - The Sunday Times

“The greatest performance of the night, and, without exaggeration, one of the greatest performances which I have ever seen in a theatre, belongs to Sandra Marvin. Playing the part of Motormouth Maybelle, her performance of the torch song “I Know Where I’ve Been” is literally breathtaking. Physically and emotionally affecting, finding a rare poignancy, Marvin’s performance of this song is worth the ticket price alone. Superlatives fail."
Scott Purvis - Whats-On-Stage

"Sandra Marvin is the perfect Mamma Morton; her powerful, smooth vocal is pitch perfect during When You rood To Mama, which was another highlight of the show”
Keiran Johnson, Whats-on-Stage

“The vocal powers of Sandra Marvin's warden rock her jailhouse....”
Clare Brennan - The Guardian

“Sandra Marvin’s vocally magnificent Mama Morton”
Dominic Cavendish - The Telegraph

“Sandra Marvin's Mama Morton is inspired casting. The highlight of the show was the end of 'When You're Good To Mama', she brought the house down with her vocal prowess.”
Jenny Antill -

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